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Terms and Conditions 2019 ongoing. Top Image Jewellery   ABN: 11 317 612 047 ACN: 624 745 464
  1. Valuation requests for repeat valuations including updates – per piece are $40 from TIJ or $100 for an independent valuation.
  2. Quotes are valid for 14 days only & prices may vary from the date quoted.
  3. Deposits for custom makes are strictly non-refundable due to costs of materials outlaid. The deposit amount for a standard custom ring is 20-25% and on a special or ‘urgent’ order is 50%.
  4. TIJ covers manufacturing only in their lifetime (20 years) warranty or for as long as TIJ is still in business. Your warranty will be void if you do not make use of the annual service (12 to 18 months) provided. *casted rings only have a 10-year warranty and must be assessed by TIJ only.
  5. TIJ will not be liable for Diamonds or jewellery purchased elsewhere however, will endeavour to take full care of your items if they are in our care. You may bring in your own diamonds or other precious gems however, we will accept NO responsibility for stones that are treated and if loss or damage occurs in the ring making process. We will only accept stones that are certified and/or with a laser number.
  6. Re-sizes are free within 4 weeks of purchase, once only and only for engagement rings. Other re-sizing will be at the customer’s cost and will vary in price due to size with a minimum cost of $150.
  7. TIJ will not be liable if diamonds fall out or metal breaks upon resizing. We will require up to 1 week for a resize.
  8. Diamonds are NOT covered in your manufacturing warranty. This is where you require your own insurance. This includes breakage after picking up. TIJ will not be liable for ANY Diamond breakage after picking up as diamonds are a natural product and come with inclusions such as cleavage and knots. Diamonds cause wear and tear on metal and will over time, weaken your settings. This includes breakages of ‘fancy’ cuts such as Pear, Marquise and Princess Cuts as these have sharp edges and could be weaker at these points. TIJ accept NO liability with heat being placed on Diamonds after purchase and during the cleaning or re-modelling process.
  9. Warranty will not cover general wear and tear on your jewellery nor on your jewellery if it is worn alongside other branded jewellery or other jewellery pieces.
  10. If your jewellery has been polished, re-sized or amended in any way by another jeweller other than the team at TIJ, your warranty and service become void and charges for future cleaning and service may apply.
  11. Manufacturing warranty includes any breakage of the jewellery piece that is due to the fault of TIJ and does NOT include materials provided by the customer. Materials or stones provided by the customer cannot be covered for cracking or other issues that may occur.
  12. If we are asked to hold a Diamond for you, this can be done for a maximum of 24 hours due to demand. If you require longer, a $800 refundable deposit can be made.
  13. Ordering and exchanging of goods are strictly within a 14-day period. This includes custom orders and special orders. NO REFUND on custom orders.
  14. TIJ will not be liable for the wrong choice of design nor in choosing the wrong Diamond.
  15. 3D CAD Drawings are $150 each with 1 or 2 MINOR changes but prices may vary per item. If a second complete design is wanted, the same price will be charged per CAD.
  16. No Liability will be taken on any personal customer repairs.
  17. All polishing and repair work are to be brought into the city office by appointment ONLY. Bookings appreciated and the time to complete will depend on jeweller availability. Customer personal items not made by TIJ will be charged for repairs and polishing.
  18. Only TIJ goods come with free rhodium plating. Others will be charged accordingly.
  19. Prices may be altered after quotation due to cost of diamonds or metal increasing or in some instances, decreasing. Customers will be notified if this is the case.
  20. Payment Policy – TIJ DO NOT accept Credit Cards or personal cheques nor have EFTPOS facilities. Payments are to be made via Direct Debit, bank cheque or cash only.
  21. Payment MUST be finalised before TIJ can release the goods to the Customer.
  22. ALL orders must be paid for and collected within 6 weeks. If further time is required, please speak to Jenny. If orders are not paid for and collected within this time, there will be no refund (on custom goods) and a further 15% holding fee may occur to cover Diamond and insurance costs. This includes personal repairs and for jewellery not made by TIJ.
  23. Any Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Google Photos are to be used with Top Image Jewellery permission only and not for personal use.
  24. TIJ will not be liable for Diamond certificates that have been lost, damaged or mis-placed.
  25. If a Diamond is ordered from overseas as a special order, full payment is required before delivery and NO REFUND is available on these orders.
  26. Gift Vouchers by TIJ are solely for the purpose of what’s written on the voucher (i.e. 2 wedding bands, not 1) and used at the business owner’s discretion. Changes can be made at short notice.
  27. TIJ runs by appointment only.
  28. To exchange goods, all paperwork given must be given back the same way it was provided including valuations and Diamond Certificates.
  29. Leasing or ‘borrowing’ of TIJ jewellery for proposal purposes or other reasons will be charged a $500 non-refundable deposit (at owners’ discretion). If loss or damage occurs the customer will incur a fee to remake the jewellery.
  30. The cleaning and maintenance guide must be followed.
  31. TIJ will not be liable for metals brought in by customers including cracks other metal issues but will endeavour to take great care with your items. An extra labour fee may be charged if this occurs.
  32. TIJ will not be liable if we have advised on structure & quality and the customer has requested differently.
  33. No warranty on resetting or re-tipping of claws and a cost may be incurred for these.
  34. For repairs and resizes, cash payment on the day is required.
  35. Goods to be picked up by purchasing customer only unless authorised by that customer. If this is the case, TIJ won’t be made liable for loss/damage/theft.
  36. In the event of natural disaster i.e. Earthquake, flooding, fire etc. TIJ will not be held liable for customers personal jewellery. In this case we recommend personal insurance.
  37. All jewellery to be left at owners’ risk.
  38. Any Titanium, Black Zirconium or Silver jewellery is not covered under our warranty as these are machine made items and these cannot be resized.
  39. TIJ take no responsibility for diamond fractures, chips, burns if work is to be done on the jewellery.
  40. TIJ take no responsibility for clips on bracelets/chains when items come in for repair as these are classed as general wear and tear.
  41. There will be charges on all repairs.
  42. If you require your item to be couriered, shipped or posted to you, all charges will be the responsibility of the customer and we take no responsibility for loss or damage.
  43. If you are wanting a price match against another competitors pricing, these quotes will have to be in writing.
  44. There will be NO REFUND if you have ordered a diamond and withdraw that order after the diamond has been invoiced.
  45. TIJ will not put a warranty on Lab Grown Diamonds or other synthetic stones provided by us or other jewellers, nor will we take up responsibility for the lifetime free service on these products.
  46. TIJ, in its discretion, refuse to accept a return of goods that are merely the subject of general wear and tear, that have been altered , engraved, resized or modified by other jewellers or that are the subject of a claim that is more than 30 days from the date of purchase or repair of goods.
  47. The TIJ ‘lifetime manufacturing warranty’ does NOT cover general wear and tear or physical damage on the item (this includes claws), loss of stones or theft. Again, we recommend you take out personal insurance for these.
  48. As we custom handmake and handset our pieces, you must allow for very slight imperfections.
  49. No refund or buying back of any stones or jewellery.
  50. No upgrading of Diamonds after 7 days.


Upon purchase, repair or amendment of your jewellery item, you are agreeing to the above Terms & Conditions.


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All cleaning and serving of TiJ jewellery must come in the city office by appointments only. TIJ takes no responsibility for loss or theft on personal Jewellery left at the home office.

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